Conversation with "Les Francettes"

Mélissa, you are the floral designer of "Les Francettes".

Tell us about your encounter with the Butterfly perfume by Parfums Hanae Mori?

It's a long story! I discovered Hanae Mori perfumes in my mother's bathroom when I was 12 years old. It was a gift from her. Then I discovered Butterfly perfume in the perfume store and I loved it. I've been wearing Butterfly for 17 years now, I wouldn't wear any other perfume!

Flowers, a passion?

It's a passionate family story for four generations! My great-grandmother was a florist, several of her children were florists, including my grandmother, my mother and my father created their own boutique. I opened my store nine months ago in Paris. The name "Les Francettes" comes from my father, Francis. When I was born, he predicted that I would be a florist, and he was not wrong. I chose a wink name: "Francis' flowers" became "Les Francettes" in the plural!

Why did you choose a dried flower bouquet for the limited edition of the Butterfly bouquet?

Dried flowers are trendy. In the 90's, my parents liked to propose them, then the fashion changed. But as they say "fashion is an eternal restart". It is also to celebrate Mother's Day, the desire to offer a gift that lasts in time, like perfume. One cannot go without the other!

What guided the choice of flowers for the Butterfly bouquet?

I was inspired by the brand's universe and the perfume, adding my personal touch. The elegant shape of the bottle led me to a refined composition that could be a wedding bouquet in its elaborate design, highlighted with a jute ribbon and a pin. I wanted soft colors like the perfume. A sophisticated Butterfly bouquet that is as soft as a mother!

Where do you work?

In my store in the 14th arrondissement of Paris in a quiet residential area. My customers enjoy coming in, looking around, choosing, and waiting for the bouquet. We compose the bouquet in front of them, in front of them, it's very nice. It's a timeless exchange, a bit like an open kitchen, we see what's going on, we share, it's magic!

Photographe : Mathias Walter