"Fashion should bring out originality." — Hanae Mori


Taking their cue from the legendary fashion designer Madame Hanae Mori herself, each fragrance in the Hanae Mori Parfums collection is crafted in Paris and captures a mix of East and West, energy and elegance, tradition and freshness—scents that are as original and dynamic as the women and men who wear them.


Hanae Mori began her groundbreaking career in fashion as a costume designer for over 300 movies in Japan's post-war cinema. In a tiny studio above a noodle stand in Tokyo's bustling Shinjuku, she honed her dressmaking skills before going on to show her first ready-to-wear collection in New York in 1965. Later—after a chance meeting with Coco Chanel at the famed French couturier's atelier—Hanae Mori was inspired to take her designs to Paris. There, she became the first non-European member of La Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, considered by many the gatekeepers to the exclusive world of high fashion.


Forever fascinated by the memory of a butterfly alighting on her crib as a child, butterflies have reappeared throughout Hanae Mori’s canon of designs. Today, Hanae Mori’s passion for the natural and the elegant is best embodied by her iconic perfume, Butterfly. This timeless scent bottles the essence of femininity with both polish and play.

Since its 1996 launch, Butterfly is beloved for its lingering impression of vanilla (without a single vanilla ingredient in its formula). Combined with a lush mix of wild berries, rare blooms and woodsy warmth, the fragrance is an enchanting counterpoint between the designer’s rural upbringing in pine-dotted southern Japan and her youthful exposure to Paris' swirling elegance.

A lover of nature, in recent years Hanae Mori has committed her line of fragrances to environmental protection by choosing creative and packaging initiatives, plus charitable alliances, to support the health of the entire planet.


Hanae Mori once said her tastes shied away from the avant-garde in favor of simplicity and "the traditional way". But her pioneering energy and passion to help women stand out let her transcend convention to become an icon.


Today, the Hanae Mori line of perfumes, beauty and grooming products infuses each scent with the push and pull of the designer's boundless influences and most personal moments.



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