Madame Hanae Mori is Japan’s most internationally renowned female fashion designer. She was the first Japanese woman to show her clothing collections on the runways of Paris and New York. She is the only Japanese woman to be admitted to France’s haute couture club.

In a long and distinguished career, Hanae Mori has been awarded the Legion of Honor medal by the President of France and the Order of Culture medal by the Emperor of Japan. Her clients have included Nancy Reagan, Princess Grace of Monaco and Crown Princess Masako of Japan, among many other global VIPs. A true pioneer and legend, Hanae Mori is Japan’s most powerful businesswoman in any industry. Today she makes her home in Tokyo, the head of a large and well-known family. 

When Hanae Mori opened her one-woman clothing boutique in Tokyo in the 1950’s, with her own name on the door, she was the first Japanese woman ever to do so. Sales of her chic designs that often included the butterfly as an inspiration were complemented by costumes she made for major motion pictures and operas.

By the 1990’s, Hanae Mori’s clothing business grew to $500 million in global sales and included boutiques on Avenue Montaigne in Paris and Madison Avenue in Manhattan. Today, Hanae Mori boutiques continue to sell her fine clothing at the luxurious Hotel Okura in Tokyo and in the city’s chic Harajuku district. In 2011, Hanae Mori served as a judge for Vanity Fair Magazine’s International Best Dressed List.

Hanae Mori Parfums, made in France, bears the name of the legendary fashion designer and communicates the same elegant beauty and simplicity worldwide. Hanae Mori Butterfly, introduced in 1996, is an enduring classic sold internationally. Its companion products include a lush body cream. Hanae Mori HM for Men is a classic men’s fragrance. Its related products include an aftershave balm.

The year 2008 brought the limited-edition Hanae Mori Butterfly Eau Fraiche, the lightest Hanae Mori blend ever. With 2009 came the debut of special pink Hanae Mori scarves and customer appreciation boxes designed by the winner of the Hanae Mori National Art Contest in which U.S. college-level art students coast to coast competed.

2010 brought a new direction with Hanae Mori No. 1 and Hanae Mori No 2 Eaux de Collection, limited edition feminine fragrances that call upon sun, wind and water as inspiration -- and alternative energy sources in fragrance production in France. This environmentally conscious direction continued in 2011 with the introduction of Hanae Mori No. 3, made in France like all Hanae Mori Parfums, but with three types of sunflowers. Pink and floral Hanae Mori No. 4 won the Self Magazine Fragrance Award.

In 2012 came not only Hanae Mori No. 6, but also the highly anticipated first new men’s fragrance from Hanae Mori in more than a decade.



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