“The Butterfly is my muse”

The Designer Hanae Mori

Hanae Mori's career took off with the new wave which transformed the cultural life in Japan. Her style hit the mark in the films of several major directors, and she became the most famous fashion designer in Japan.

Her meeting with Coco Chanel in 1960 was decisive, she decided to dress the most elegant and influential women in the world.

Hanae Mori now spreads her fashion between Paris, Tokyo, and New York, always celebrating the meeting of the East and the West.

The Hanae Mori Brand

Japan embodies pure beauty and delicate feelings. Hanae Mori explores in its creations the splendor of the West combined with the spirituality of the East!

Hanae Mori's style is sophisticated and infinitely refined, while being attentive to youth and open to the world...

A universe entirely dedicated to elegance, distinction and beauty.

Hanae Mori Perfumes

Hanae Mori has loved perfume since herearly childhood. Considering Paris as the world capital of fashion andperfumes, she naturally wanted to create her own perfumes there.

These became modern classics. Preciousperfumes carefully composed according to the rules of the art, faithful to theidea that the perfume, once put on the skin, must remain true to itself.

The bottles, refined in every detail, give asensation close to silk when touched.